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Manual or Electric? How to Decide What Breast Pump is Best

New mothers that choose to breast feed will need to purchase a breast pump. Even women planning to stay home with their babies will need this device to make it possible for them to sleep, shop, or go out occasionally without the worry of being home at a specific time to nurse. In addition, breast pumps help to relieve some of the pressure of engorged breasts so nursing is more comfortable.

A good breast pump is one that is comfortable, works efficiently, and is not unnecessarily loud. Most career women will need to pump at least once while they are at work, so these considerations, as well as how easy the pump travels, all matter. A review of the best breast pump will reveal which models meet these needs and much more.

Women must first decide if they want to purchase a manual pump or an electric one. Manual pumps are perfect for women that travel frequently or spend time in places where electricity is not always available. They are convenient and affordable, but do require the mother to be entirely focused on the process. This means they may not be the best option for busy women. If purchasing an electric breast pump, it is important to choose for quality. Lower-cost models are not as durable and may not last as long as they are needed. A cheap electric pump may also be very loud and bulky, which is not the best option for offices or public use.

Another concern is whether or not the pump is easy to clean. Bacteria and mold can grow quickly in unclean pumping equipment, and this is very dangerous for the baby. Closed systems prevent milk back-flow into the tubing and are the safest options. These are often listed as hospital-grade pumps and are safe for women to share or give away once they are finished with them.

The lifestyle of the mother will help to determine what is best. Most women will want something that is quiet, efficient, and durable. If cost is the most important factor, then choosing a high-quality manual pump is almost always better than a cheap electric version. Once the basic design is decided on, it is much easier to find reviews of leading models for help in making the final decision.